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Bungalows and The Good Life

Bungalow Cross Section - Bennett

Why bother with bungalows? What can we learn from them? Sure, they're cute, but what is it that makes them call to so many of us? Is it the craftsman detail of a cleverly fashioned barge board, knee bracket, or rafter tail? Is it the summer coolness when the windows are open and a breeze freshens the air indoors? Maybe it's the access from the stove to the cozy breakfast nook where you enjoy your morning cup of coffee before rushing out the door.

There are too many small treasures to do justice to many old bungalow homes. And then there are the mysteries. Is it possible your home is a kit home? How can you tell? And why in the world did the Previous Owner (PO) put up that ugly wallpaper?

In this section, we'll explore different bungalow subtypes, characteristics, and as well as the anatomy of bungalows.

Other topics will include using historical source materials for inspiration in landscaping, exterior painting, or adding garden features.

We also plan to create a glossary of terms from original sources so you can see what the devil that strange little widget was called back in the day.

We'll explore the contributions of some of the many bungalow architects including ferreting out some of the unsung designers who continue to influence us.

And if you have questions, send us an email. We'll do the research and publish the results. Chances are you aren't the only one who wants to know!

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